Our Story

We are a family business based in the state of Connecticut, USA.  We offer products for your beloved pooch and we ship to the US and internationally.

We built and operated our first store way back in the stone ages of 1999, just before the social media boom (great timing, right?).  Our store, Snaks 5th Avenue was a great success.  We baked a wide variety of organic dog treats ourselves, as well as offering a catalog of boutique products. While that business was US based only, we had customers in 23 states that were signed up to our Treat of the Month Club and our business grew exponentially to the point that we could no longer scale the way the business deserved to, so while it was a bummer, we sold in 2004. 

We worked hard at our day jobs for quite a few years until we decided to venture back into the one thing we love so very much…anything dogs!  It’s a great passion of ours and therefore we were ecstatic to launch The Practical Pooch!

While we no longer offer treats as we did in the past, we pride ourselves in finding practical choices for you, as we would want ourselves.  There are other stores for extremely high end, fancy products and those stores are great, however our goal is to simply offer quality, useful products at prices that won’t break the bank. We search domestically and internationally for such products and continually cycle through them in our store (adding and eliminating) to offer a realistic amount of choices.  We don’t offer thousands of products, nor will we. While our goal is to grow our offerings, we will have a suitable number of products that you don’t have to scroll through for days on end in order to make a choice.  We don’t aspire to be a big box store or national retailer.  We want to offer you fair and useful products that you can rely upon, while delivering the best customer service available.  

I suppose you can say, we’re the dog store for the common man and woman…keeping it Practical.

While we are a family business, we do have the best employees in the world to assist with every aspect of our operation, from product sourcing to customer care.  If you have suggestions for improvement in any area, we would not only be willing to hear them, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions.  You can reach us at support@thepracticalpooch.com and we will reply to every message within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading a bit about our story.  We look forward to serving you for years to come.